About IntelliCompute

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-which means intelligence computed i.e. Derived, Estimated, Calculated, Identified, Scaled up, Interpreted, Organized and Nurtured (DECISION).
By this we mean Intelligent Decision Delivered.


Established in 2010 in Bangalore, India, IntelliCompute (ICT) has been a vanguard, an evident player in the sphere of Business Intelligence Services & Analytecs™ Solutions. ICT has over the years retained its innovative spirit, matured and switched over retorting to changing business needs. Spread over 4 cities in the world, Singapore, Hyderabad, Dubai and Bangalore we have strongly delivered projects and solutions with multiform functionality in the area of Business Intelligence & Data warehouse.

What we offer

IntelliCompute proposes to deliver assorted services like, BI Products & Frameworks, Big Data, Mobile/Cloud Intelligence, Data Warehousing and many others. Backed by over 100 plus ardent employees, we develop a trusted partnership coupled with best-in-class support and value delivery.


Beaconed by the mission – To deliver ingenious, cost-effective and insightful Business Intelligence products, enabling the customers and decision makers to gain clarity and improve their business. We have mastered the art of delivering quality solutions & services with a compelling TCO to drive and transform client business, processes, information and culture.

Our vision – To be the first preferred for customers globally in the field of Business Intelligence Solutions.


We believe in avid anticipation and furnishing the best-in-class Business Intelligence Consulting, an experience that will energize and adorn our business users globally. Our client engagement methodology, approach, processes, domain & technology know-how has sustained us build an ecosystem of content customers plugging in more client’s from industries in quick time.

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