With Analytecs prebuilt analytics content reduce costs and risks. Synthesize and align financial and accounting data to increase profitability and transparency. Uncover unexpected insights and make more informed financial decisions.

Financial planning and analysis:

Optimize forecasting to increase revenue and reduce costs. Consolidate data from multiple sources for better planning and budgeting. Align governance models with business strategies for greater transparency.

Expense management:

Transform visibility into cost-reduction opportunities. Reduce costs and expenses. Manage and investigate expenses in real-time. Understand spending trends

Revenue and profitability management:

Shift the focus to business decisions that drive profitability. Deliver a consolidated view of revenue and profits. Maximize revenue, market share and tradeoffs. Reduce slippage.

Cash-flow and balance sheet management:

Improve the cash conversion cycle. Improve cash-flow analysis with integrated, up-to-date information. Reduce reliance on month-end reporting. Increase balance sheet visibility.

General Ledger

  • Financial statements Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash flow statement
  • Balance Sheet related ratios snapshot and trends – Current Ratio, Quick Ratio, DSO, DPO, AR Turnover, Days in Inventory, Inventory Turnover, Debt to Equity, etc.
  • Income Statement related ratios snapshot and trends – ROE, ROA, Gross Margin, Profit Margin, EBIT to Sales, etc.
  • Reporting on actual and budgeted statistical amounts posted to General Ledger
Accounts Payable
  • Discount and Payment Trend Analysis
  • Late Payment Trend Analysis
  • AP Vendor Item Listing
  • Aging of Open (Unpaid) and Past Due Payables
  • Aging of Payables Paid Late
  • AP Purchasing Trend Analysis & Ranking
Accounts Receivables
  • Discount and Payment Trend
  • Late Payment Trend
  • AR Customer Item Listing
  • Accounts Receivable Expected Cash Flow Ranking
  • Aging of Open (Unpaid) and Past Due Receivables
  • AR Revenue Trend Analysis & Ranking
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