Utilize employees strategically. Drive profitability with business partnerships. View labor, benefit and recruitment data holistically across the organization.

Workplace management: Optimize employee management and succession planning. Analyze staffing resources and onboarding. Assess training and education offerings. Monitor productivity trends and improve workplace relations.

Total rewards: Control staffing efficiency, benefit offerings and labor costs. Analyze compensation vs. performance. Enable benefit and payroll forecasting. Get a holistic view of total rewards from disparate sources.

Enhance recruitment: Streamline recruitment and documentation. Decrease turnover. Enhance employee leads and find better quality candidates. Increase internal engagement and productivity. Improve organizational forecasting.

KPI’s Covered
Employee Administration

Helps to analyze personal and employment related information by employee or by organizational unit. This section addresses information such as age, length of service, annual salary,
deadlines and other significant dates and directory of current employees. You can also analyze various employee demographics such as marital status, education, job qualifications, etc.

Benefit Enrollment

Tracks the various fringe benefits of your employees. These include health care, pension, savings plans, and insurance plans. Enrollment and eligibility information can be analyzed from an employee of benefit plan perspective.

Leave Entitlement

Helps analyze employee absences such as vacation, sick time, personal leave, maternity or paternity leave, etc.

Employee Wage

Tracks the salaries and wages you pay your employees. This includes pay rates, pay scales, job descriptions, positions, position hierarchies, and organizational hierarchies.


Assists in analyzing historical and current compensation paid by various wage types. Compensation amounts are summarized for easy analysis.

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