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Analytecs for Dynamics AX has an easily customized, pre-set data model that simplifies the processes of collecting and organizing data from the ERP.

Data connectors to other systems and data sources make it quicker and easier to integrate data from across the business. The result is a highly governed, accurate and secure hub of business-wide data from which to extract insight.

Pre-set, yet highly flexible analytics and role-based dashboards provide instant insight into business performance across all functional areas. From finance to sales, distribution, and manufacturing, users can easily modify dashboards via click and drag functionality to build their own insight.

Tailored for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Analytecs support for Microsoft Dynamics AX goes beyond simply connecting and extracting data from AX 2009, AX 2012, or other AX instances. Deep integration improves the data modeling, deployment, and overall user experience. Thanks to Analytecs smart marts for Dynamics, BI solutions are delivered in days not weeks or months like other traditional tools.

Pre-set data model for fast deployment

Analytecs has flexible, pre-set data model and analytics for Microsoft Dynamics AX. This means it is quick to deploy and start using. It is possible for customers to access a highly-governed data model in days, not weeks or months. Out-of-the-box data connectors and automated set-up make Analytecs easier to deploy and integrate other data sources. Analytecs removes the need for technical experts to build data warehouses, making it more cost-effective and lower-risk. New data sources can be integrated easily as the businesses IT infrastructure grows through new system procurement, or via acquisitions. Analytecs is deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or via a hybrid model. It is highly scalable, too. This means one investment that can support businesses as they grow and their technology strategy evolves.

Merge data from across the business

Analytecs has out-of-the-box connectors that automate the process of collecting data from across the business. The connectors pull data from other applications and data sources and integrate it with Dynamics AX data in a central hub. Customers get access to a highly-governed hub of data, from which to generate holistic, business-wide insight.

Customize to business needs, with flexible data modeling

Powerful modeling capabilities make the pre-set Dynamics AX data model easily configurable. The most demanding and complex data needs can be met, without the need for developers to write code.

Data migration from any source is automated. Extract, Load and Transform (ELT) processes and data warehouses are configured by the system. Multi-dimensional database creation is automatic. Enabling data aggregation, cross-functional analysis, hierarchies and additional metadata.

Easily customized, role-based dashboards, out-of-the-box

Analytecs for Dynamics AX delivers hundreds of role-based dashboards, as standard. Insight from across the functions of the business is presented through pre-set, industry standard KPIs and calculations.

High configurability enables users to create, store and share dashboards, tables, graphs, pivots, and all other assets they produce. Drag and drop functionality makes it simple for users to build insight specific to their requirements and make it repeatable across the business.

Subject Areas

Finance, Sales, Distribution, Logistics, Purchasing, Inventory, Warehouse, Human Resources, Manufacturing: Plant Maintenance, Production Planning, Project Systems

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