Purchasing is the process of externally procuring materials and services to meet production schedules, maintain stock levels, and meet internal needs for materials consumed within the company. Selection of a vendor or supplier is a continuous and integral component of the purchasing process.
An effective relationship between companies and suppliers helps reduce inventory levels and costs for both entities. The Analytecs Purchasing mart provides a framework for assessing this relationship through
comparison of prices, supplier performance, transaction history, contract conditions, payment terms, and purchasing organization effectiveness.

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KPI’s Covered
Request for Quotation (RFQ)/Quotation

Selection of a supplier for external procurement may be determined using an existing contract or may require evaluation of several vendors. RFQs sent to suppliers and the quotations returned from the suppliers enable comparison of prices, delivery dates, and deliverable quantities.

Material Movement

Purchased goods that are not immediately consumed are received into a storage location using a goods receipt document. Goods receipts and other material movement documents such as goods issues and stock transfers are maintained in this table.

Contract/Outline Agreement

A purchasing relationship with a vendor may be formalized into a time-dependent agreement or contract covering the purchase of a specific quantity or value of goods at a certain price. The supplier agrees to deliver the specified quantity and quality of goods on or within a certain date range. The contract also includes payment terms. The contract is used as the source of data for generating purchase orders.

Purchase Order

The purchase order document is the request to a supplier to supply a quantity of materials on a specific date or set of planned delivery dates. The price for the materials may be determined from contract-based pricing conditions, previous quotations, or set at the time the purchase order is created. The status of the purchase order including the open quantity, blocked quantity, invoiced quantity, and goods receipt quantity is stored separately in a summarized purchase order table.

Purchase Requisition

The purchasing process begins with a need or requirement for a certain material or service by a certain date. A purchase requisition document detailing the requirement goes to the purchasing organization for follow-up action. If the requirement cannot be met using internal supplies, the external procurement process begins.


Daily and historic stock levels of materials by plant and storage location are stored in this table

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