Analyze and segment. Target customers and prospects to increase conversion rates and revenue. Manage pipeline and forecast. Improve tracking of performance against goals.
Sales representatives: Freely explore sales data to improve targeting and call-list quality. Boost revenue. Uncover new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Increase conversions.

Sales management: Improve pipeline control and revenue performance. Identify risks to revenue. Test potential solutions. Create better collaboration between managers and sales teams.

Customer Relationship Management: Empower your sales teams with direct access to real-time data on customers and inventory. Make smarter decisions with timely CRM data. Take the complexity out of analysis.

Analytecs supports analysis of data in the Sales and Distribution modules of different applications. Thus, simplifying businesses to manage products, sales, and services and to manage their performance with customers and other business partners.

  • Analyze sales trends
  • Determine customer behavior
  • Forecast product sales with greater accuracy
  • Plan product life cycles
  • Track deliveries you make to your customers
  • Track On Time Delivery Performance
  • Report Bookings, Billings, Backlog

The Analytecs Sales mart, addresses three subject areas and answers the below kind of questions

KPI’s Covered

Sales | Shipping | Billing

  • How are new product features affecting sales?
  • How do sales vary by region?
  • What is the average delivery time for a product?
  • How well are we meeting our scheduled deliveries to customers?
  • How well are we planning our deliveries for our customers?
  • How do distribution, pricing, and promotional activities compare across geographically diverse locations and various time periods?
  • Are we fulfilling our commitments to customers in a timely fashion?
  • What would our revenue have been if all originally entered sales orders
    had been fulfilled?
  • What are the trends in my sales orders history?
  • What are my monetary exchange rate variances between my document currency and Global currency?
  • How do my bookings (sales orders) compare to my billings in a given time period?
  • How many credit memos are we issuing?
  • What impact do credit memos have on revenue?
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