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Extract more value and insight from your SAP ECC data
Analytecs marts for SAP ECC provide preconfigured analytics that maximize the value of your SAP ECC data. Analytecs is designed to address the reporting needs of a specific business area and can be linked to enable analysis across the enterprise.

Analytecs marts are a set of intuitive, prebuilt data marts based on SAP ECC functional areas. The solution’s proprietary algorithms automatically and continually pull data from SAP ECC into a format business users understand. This enables them to easily access transactional data and perform comprehensive reporting, query, and analysis without IT assistance.

Every functional module is delivered with 10 – 20 customizable reports, and can be linked together to support cross-module analyses such as customer profitability, marketing effectiveness, and employee productivity. Analytecs incorporates best practices and provides easily modifiable templates, reports, dashboards, analysis views.

Analytecs mart for SAP ECC is prepackaged, flexible data marts that can be implemented in weeks instead of the months or quarters that are normally associated with data warehousing projects on SAP ERP.
With Analytecs, you don’t need to acquire specialized skills in the areas of data warehousing, data modeling, business domains, and enterprise applications. As a result, you can significantly lower your development costs.
Analytecs are designed using industry best practices and input from hundreds of companies to meet the vast majority of your needs. Within days, you can quickly and easily customize Analytecs for your specific query and analysis, reporting, and performance management requirements.
Each subject area Analytecs mart is designed to address the reporting and analytic needs of a specific business area like general ledger, sales, or purchasing. A component-based framework allows you to analyze across these subject areas by combining different marts. This allows your business priorities to drive your BI deployment while enabling you to lower maintenance costs.

Subject Areas

Finance, Sales, Distribution, Logistics, Purchasing, Inventory, Warehouse, Human Resources, Manufacturing: Plant Maintenance, Production Planning, Project Systems

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